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My background and experiences so far

My journey as a developer began during my undergraduate studies in Engineering. Even though I didn't choose a program specifically focused on IT, I took courses that covered topics such as programming logic, data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming and databases, which sparked my curiosity.

As the years of college went by, I realized that the prospect of working as a Production Engineer no longer excited me. That's when I remembered the courses that had piqued my interest along the way and decided to dive deeper into the world of programming. At that moment, I had my first encounter with technologies like C#, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Excited about the new knowledge I had acquired, I chose to develop a business management system for my mother's company as the topic for my graduation thesis. This project solidified my interest in the field and provided the motivation I needed to determine that a career as a developer was my path for the future.

Nowadays, I'm a software engineer specialized in front-end development, passionate about solving real-world problems through technology. In recent years, I have primarily worked with the stack that includes Next.js, React, TypeScript, and the libraries and tools within that ecosystem.

I am available to collaborate on projects and challenges. Feel free to get in touch with me!